The Continuing Adventures of Learning

The Continuing Adventures of Learning

It seems that going from a zero to twice-daily blogging regime is the first thing to fall by the wayside in the long weekend of learnings. That's okay, let's cut it to once a day and say that was the plan all along.

How's progress? Varied but generally okay, I think. Let's recap.

Goin' good

  • I've had a tonne of fun smashing through Duolingo's French offering, mostly because of the completely absurd set phrases. Beautiful dogs, lightweight babies and alternate universe Lethal Weapon all make it easy and addictive. I think I'm on track here.

Your pig is huge

  • Turns out pasta in a single pan is not only not insane, but actually works quite well. I need to cut the onion and garlic way thinner and I think we've got something. Ten minutes start to finish in a single dish. Nice.

Going okay

  • I'd forgotten how Code Schooley Code School is. The weird songs and forced humour absolutely shit me. But the material is good and there are clear improvements in production with each successive course. I'm puzzling my way through Sass and should lock out the CSS track tomorrow. I don't think Ruby will get a look in, but I should be able to spend some time with Angular.
  • Weirdly enough, I didn't have any apple brandy or cinnamon tinctures (?!) kicking around, but I did manage to find a bottle of neon yellow Strega which tastes something like a sweet saffron-infused chartreuse. I mixed it with some bourbon and dubonnet. Tasted okay, needs finesse.


Not happening...

  • I completely forgot to mention WaniKani for kanji in my first pass. I've resubbed to that and looked at horror in the 700+ words awaiting review. Maybe tomorrow.
  • No python. Needs serious headspace and I'm not there yet.
  • Went for a long run but totally chickened out and wore bouncey shoes. Now my achilles hurts. Not sure barefoot is gonna help there, reassess tomoz.

That's where I am. Going to go flail at twitter for a mo and then crash. More learning tomorrow.